Welcome to RFriberg 2010!

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I like summer because the mornings are earlier and the evenings are longer. The days are warmer and the pool is warmer too. In the summer there is sweet fruit to eat. The flowers bloom and the air is sweet from the flowers and fruit. The humming birds are out in the summer. People seem to be happier and not in so much of a hurry.

Flickr Set Gallery
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Here’s a new feature for the site.  It’s a flickr gallery in your blog post.  When you are writing your new post in the WordPress editor you will see this icon right above your text.

Click on it to bring up the Flickr loader window.  You will also need to have Flickr open to your account page with the list of all the sets you have.  Then fill in the blanks in that pop up window (hint: the set name is the long line of numbers you see in the URL when you click on a set) and you should have your Flickr set as a gallery in your post in no time!  Check out the example below:

Sunday March 21, 2010
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Today started with yogurt and cereal.  We went to Scrambles for Lunch, but I had breakfast again.  We went for a walk in the park with Lilly and Lincoln.  I took a couple of pictures.