This will always be at the top of my page.  I can add pictures or special colors to make it unique for me.  To change it, I just log in to WordPress and click “Pages” on the left, then edit the page with my name.

If I want to add a blog post, I just click “Posts” on the left and add a new one.  I should make sure to click the category on the right with my name on it so it will show up on my page.

I should really update this as soon as I can so people know who I am.

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Chris’ New Job
2010-03-23 18:30 |  | Permalink | |  Comments (0)

Today I turned in my last well readings.  Tomorrow I turn my first screwdriver.  As much fun as my 50 square mile cubicle was, I think I’ll enjoy getting paid to do real actual work.  They only thing I’ll miss in my old cubicle is my V8 executive chair.

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